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Whether it is to shed that excess weight, optimize your physical health or simply looking for a holistic lifestyle transformation – let us help you to attain the goal.

Who Are We?

Storm Sweat Fitness is a personal training establishment, with a holistic approach on fitness as its principal focus. We strongly believe that proper management of physical body and emotional health amplifies your fitness level. So how do we help you attain the fitness level you desired? By integrating various methods of stress reduction, traditional exercises & proper sleeping habits in the fitness regime. Our facilities are created to bring you absolute comfort and convenience.

What distinguishes us from others?

Our fitness professionals who are always happy to go the extra mile and we are of strong opinion in approaching fitness as a lifestyle rather than a momentary goal.

Storm Sweat Fitness does not condone crash diet and we are always in close communication with clients to address concerns on workout program and nutrition. Nothing matters more than your overall well being.

Enjoy working out in a comfortable environment while socializing with your family or buddies. We strongly opposed to gung-ho or aggressive approach, as your comfort is the key to fully enjoy your routine and keep you motivated.

What do we offer?

A functional training program, specially designed to meet your fitness needs.

friendly trainers

Get acquainted with our Trainers and learn how their experiences have helped many others!


What Our Amazing Clients Say

Maryam Mustan
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Shake is one of the best fitness instructors I've come across. I've been going to him for about 3 years and it's always great to workout with him. He pushes you to achieve your goals and never gives up on you. He makes himself available to answer all your queries and never gets tired of helping you. Shake doesn't believe in just intense workouts but encourages a lifestyle change to achieve your goals which I really like. I strongly recommend him.
Zahabia Shabbir Moochhala
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Shake pushes you to limits you thought you never had. I have learnt its not all abt working out hard but working out smart as well to acheive the best results that you had aimed for. Shake provides that required guidance necessary to acheive that.
Eric Rodrigo
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Mr Khan aka shake-fu has been training me for the last 6 years. 10/10 would recommend. He has helped me overcome obstacles that i have never dreamt of achieving. He is patient, friendly and most importantly encouraging. If you want to get physically and mentally strong... Shake’s your guy.
Lishan Ng
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I always feel motivated and accountable to keep training hard to attain my goals because Shake tailors the program to meet my needs and limitations. I’m never worried about getting hurt during training as he’s always making sure my form is correct and the exercises are just hard enough to be pushing my limits. Would definitely recommend him as a PT to others!
Ethan Stratton
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Shake is great and will help you achieve your goals 👍

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