The Workout

Our functional training program is designed for individuals to perform daily activities with ease and without the risk of injuries.

The Workout

What do we offer?

Lifestyle Transformation Program

Let us help you to optimize your health and well being with our lifestyle transformation program. Take back the control in your life and establish healthy lifestyle habits that support permanent weight loss. Transform your life today to a healthier, focused version of you.

Posture Corrector Training Program

Continuously slouching and bad posture is often accompanied by a host of spine- related pains created by various sitting habits. While most posture brace can help to alleviate the problem, it don’t help you to achieve the correct posture.

Your body will be dependent on the external devices and it will cause more harm than good in the long run. This is where our trainers will step in with our posture corrector training program which is designed to reverse the damage by realigning the joints and strengthening the weakened muscles.

Sustainable Weight Loss Journey

Embark on our sustainable weight loss journey and whip back in shape for a healthier you. Ideally, an individual weight loss journey must be meticulously planned according to body types and health status. Our weight loss journey is designed in sustainable manner to ensure that our clients are not adversely affected in the long run.

We do cater to corporate training and house calls to families who wishes to train together privately. Boot camps are available upon request.

One to One Training

Benefit from our personalized one to one training session, which is tailored to progressively train you in meeting your fitness goals. Your personal trainer will walk you through your health and fitness development ensuring that you get the best out of every session. Whatever your fitness goals are, we are on it with you.

Small Group Training

We understand it’s nice to work out with your buddies or in a smaller crowd. To motivate each other when the going gets tough and you simply need a gentle push whenever you feel like giving up. Take advantage of the group dynamic to maximize the workouts and push your body to the limits in every session.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As long as you are 13 years old and over, you are welcome to work out with us anytime. No one is too old to keep fit and healthy.

We accept anyone regardless of their fitness levels. Our trainers will tailor a progressive fitness routine that is absolutely suitable for complete beginners. Please feel free to voice any concerns before committing to our training, we are more than happy to address any issues and alleviate any worries in mind. Your comfort is very important to us!

Depending on your medical condition and any injury you may have our instructors will design a workout program based on your specific issues, imbalances and abilities. However, it is always best to have a note of medical clearance from your doctor to certify that you are physically fit to work out.

Absolutely. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our trainers are most glad to explain our various training programs and plan the workouts based on your fitness level and health status.

Ultimately, it really depends on how fit you are. It is highly advisable to not push within your physical limits and give your body the time it needed to adapt to the intensity of the training. We suggest you reach to our trainers on the ideal frequency and your ability to commit.

Though working out can definitely help in weight loss and increase your metabolism, there are other factors to be considered to sustain it. Our lifestyle transformation program and sustainable weight loss journey are meticulously planned to ensure that you are able to sustain realistic weight loss.

We understand the need to see positive results fast after all the sweat and hours invested working out. As much as we wish for a lightning quick fix solution for you to improve aesthetically, sadly it does not work out that way.

The personal safety of our members and staff is of the most importance to us and we view it very seriously. Various safety measures are reinforced and strengthened across our premise to ensure a safe environment for all. Do approach our friendly staff for more information.

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