With a decade of experience under his belt, Shake has worked with hundreds of clients by helping them achieve goals in different areas of life. With a proven track record to be proud of, he has successfully helped clients to achieve fitness goals through customized training program and nutrition plan.

He has also recently changed his training approach on fitness to a holistic one, as he strongly believes in attaining a healthy lifestyle for his clients. With weight loss and lifestyle transformation is his forte, he has also worked efficiently well with clients with special abilities and needs. Ensuring that each client fully maximizes their training session, he has made it his personal mission that they leave the gym craving for more.



Focusing on strength and conditioning, Arab has a wide range of experience and motivates clients to reach and continue reaching their personal health and fitness goals.

With a strong understanding of sports performance and functional fitness and health, he has designed personal training for daily classes such as strength circuits, metcon circuits, plyometric and mobility drills, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, coordination, agility and balance. This helps his clients stay fit and strong to supplement their discipline and overall performance, health and fitness goals.

His coaching has helped several of his clients won titles in boxing competitions. Such as : Muhamad ‘The Chosen Wan’ Ridhwan (Singapore’s First World Boxing Champion) Professional Boxing.
And Nurshahidah ‘The Sniper’ Roslie (Singapore’s First Female Pro Boxing Champion) Professional Boxing.